Inspiring Hope Through Education

Who We Are

La Esperanza Granada is a volunteer organization focused on improving the lives and education of impoverished children living in Granada, Nicaragua.

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What We Do

High school graduates in Granada Nicaragua

We work with students from intermediate school through university. Our sponsorship programs make success for these students a reality.

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Get Involved

Spend some time volunteering with us in Nicaragua! There are no program fees. Opportunities to make an impact beyond volunteering are available.

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Advancing Granada’s Education With Learning Centers

Our new learning centers provide a clean and safe environment for students to continue learning during their free hours. We run the centers with the help of volunteers and ayudantes where students learn through engaging and interactive activities and lessons focused on math, Spanish, art and computers.

Funding for change

Our first learning center opened in December 2016, and the second in July 2017. We have seen amazing progress from the ayudantes, volunteers and students at the center. We plan to open one more centers in late 2017. To run the centers we need to add another person to our staff, ideally one of the graduates of our university sponsorship program. We’re currently fundraising to hire a program director for the centers for four years.

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