Cost and Commitment


There are no registration or program fees.
We ask each volunteer to make a US$50 contribution to administration costs in order to continue using all donations directly for the schools and learning centers. You will receive two La Esperanza Granada t-shirts free to wear when you are working with us.  (extras cost US$5 each)   

Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation costs and their living expenses in Granada (accommodation, food, activities, etc.). Most volunteers live on anywhere from US$40 to US$100 a week (after rent), depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Low-cost accommodation is available (see the “Volunteer> Volunteer Housing”). There is no obligation to stay in the volunteer houses that we offer. We can help you arrange a home-stay with a local family.


Volunteers work between 4 – 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. The minimum time commitment varies depending on the position you take – we ask for a minimum commitment of 2 weeks for placements in our learning centers, and a minimum of 6 weeks if you will be teaching English in the centers. We particularly welcome those who want to stay longer, and often have volunteers who stay 6 months or more. Staying longer than the minimum time is good for the children (who benefit from the stability and consistency), and also for you, as you will have a greater opportunity to get to know Granada and Nicaraguan culture.

Living Costs

Lifestyles vary so much that it is impossible to give an accurate figure of how much each volunteer will spend. However, below is a list of common purchases and their prices (supermarket Palí)  in Nicaraguan currency, Córdobas. (Jan 2017, USD$1 = 29.42 Córdobas).
Eggs: 30 Córdobas/half dozen Local Food Meal: 80-100 Córdobas
Pasta: 14 Córdobas Restaurant Meal: 80 – 250 Córdobas
Bread (sandwich): 26 Córdobas Hamburger: 40 – 90 Córdobas
Coffee (1 lb.): 97 Córdobas Beer in bar: 30 – 45 Córdobas
Chicken Breast (1 lb.): 39 Córdobas Local Bus: 4 Córdobas
Milk (liter): 23  Córdobas Local Taxi: 10-15 Córdobas (day), 20-30 Córdobas (night)
Rice (1 lb.): 12 Córdobas Bus to Managua: 25 Córdobas
Beans (1 lb.): 25 Córdobas

Fruits and vegetables are inexpensive and plentiful, especially when they are in season here. Pineapple, watermelon, papaya, mangoes, bananas, plantains, tomatoes, avocados, and many other foods you have probably never tried are available at good prices in the markets and grocery stores.

A few items can be hard to find and/or expensive here (such as sunblock, shower gel, tampons, insect repellent, etc.) and may be best to bring from home. Check on Useful Information page for packing tips.

Mango harvest at La Fuente (21K)