A few years ago we completed our biggest building project to date- that of the new technical high school in the barrio of Nueva Esperanza.  Secundaria Nueva Esperanza opened it’s doors to students at the start of the 2012 school year in February, with four classrooms.  It now has seven classrooms, including a computer lab and a technical classroom.

We also built the nine-classroom primary school at Nueva Esperanza, and have built 17 new classrooms for other schools in the past years.  There are still 22 other schools in the Granada district that need extra classrooms, as well as areas that need a complete school. We have a long way to go, and lots of building projects available for groups who want to help.

sara mora-horz
We have also renovated more than a dozen classrooms, put new roofs on schools, built latrines, built fences around school yards, built ramps and steps to classrooms, built playground equipment, built storage rooms and created cooking areas.

Recently, as part of a school attendance incentive program, we have renovated houses, so families who were living in extremely bad conditions (black plastic sheeting for walls, etc.) have had their lives turned around as a reward for caring about their children’s education. This program operates year round for groups/families etc. and in the months of the dry season, we have a special home building project that individuals can participate in with a contribution of $200 per week towards materials.

Trying to keep the schools in good repair and meeting the communities’ needs is a never-ending job, and we are grateful for the support of donors and visiting schools/service groups who contribute so much.

All building projects that we take on are with the approval and collaboration of the local Ministry of Education so we know that the classrooms will not stand empty for lack of teachers, or lack of need.