High School

There are more than 100 children attending high school this year that are receiving a sponsorship through La Esperanza Granada. Some who are in the higher years are attending Colegio Dioscesano which is a private school in the center of Granada.  Since the new high school that we built has been open (Feb 2012), all of the new students are attending Secundaria Nueva Esperanza.  This is a technical high school, so from the third year students will have the option of studying practical subjects which will include computer processing and household electrician.

Only a small percentage of the children who start school each year make it through to high school level, and of those who do graduate from primary school, few can afford to go to high school.  We are hoping to improve that with our high school sponsorship program.

The sponsored students have all received uniforms, shoes, sports uniforms, backpacks, workbooks, pens, and other supplies. Now, we are trying to help them and motivate them to achieve good results in their studies.  In the school Nueva Esperanza, students who receive a sponsorship get some added benefits, dental care and eye exams.  They also have to give more in return – four afternoons a week for two hours each afternoon, they have supervised homework, revision and computer classes during after school hours.

For more details go to our High School Sponsorship page.

Receiving Books

High school children receiving their books in the La Esperanza Granada office