Current Projects

Our main project is helping improve education for the children living in some of the poorest barrios of Granada.

Volunteers spend a total of around 1,000 hours weekly working directly with young students. This help is ongoing, and we constantly strive to improve the effectiveness of the help we are able to give.

In 2012, we are trying to bring more computers to the schools and spend more time with the children using to these computers. To increase the amount of time we can spend with computers in the schools we need funds for transport, as well as more computers.

The graph below shows how much assistance the computers are in helping the children to learn:

olpc_improvement (22K)

Sn_Ignacio_2 (12K) Our other main project this year is to build a high school at San Ignacio. In this barrio we have been able to build a six-classroom primary school, which is now attended by some 400 plus children. Now we recognize the need for them to have access to further education. As of April 2011, we have the area fenced and the walls started for three classrooms and the latrines. Our aim is to open three classrooms in the 2012 school year which will start in February 2012.

We have some funds set aside from generous donors–nearly enough to finish one classroom. Others are working to raise funds too, including Westfield State College. They built the existing walls this January, and will be returning early 2012 to complete a classroom.