Monthly News

April, 2017

Semana Santa was the big event this month.  The whole country stopped for a holiday week of celebrations, family visits, picnics at the beach etc.  However this year our team didn’t stop – we had two more groups from Builders Beyond Borders here with us working on building the new learning centers in Pancasan and Sabaneta.

These wonderful groups of young people gave up their holiday break to come and build, the the Team C4 (23 people) at Pancasan and Team Estrellon (32 people) at Sabaneta, the centers really advanced.  They accomplished a lot, and our local builders will be doing the finishing work through May.   I’m happy to say that the La Esperanza Granada team gave it their all too, with no complaint about missing the holiday, our employees and our ayudantes worked behind the scenes to make all this happen.

Normally we would all have a picnic day together during the holiday, not this year – but to replace that Mark Turner chartered the Bella del Mar – last Friday, and we all spent the day together cruising on the lake, swimming in a beautiful bay, feasting and generally having fun.

This newsletter is a little late due to the May day weekend, yet one more holiday, but considered a very important one in Nicaragua where the rights of workers are held in high regard.

We made the news in April too – with this segment on air last week:

It is entirely in Spanish though, but if anyone out there would like to caption it for us in English do please get in touch.

In our center in Escudo we have nearly completed our special reading area.  Puedo Leer donated 100 children’s story books in Spanish to get us started, which we are very grateful for.  We have built a special room within the center – a special little reading ‘casita’ with a raised floor it’s own roof, and railing around – brightly painted and furnished with cushions this will make an ideal spot for children to sit with a book and read.  Some of the local mothers have also offered to come and read aloud to children too.  

In last months news we missed a donation that Martha’s church choir in Ottawa donated 1200 cordobas.  Thank you.  

Volunteers here at the end of April are Martin Witschas, Sean Hays, Marvin Menou, Lilly Ewert, Paloma Berrocal del Rio Martinez, Cristina Schaberl, Lennart Hochl, Brittney Hickerson, Irene Alvares Rodriguez, Sarah Seidl, Fenja Nolting, Tjorven Rohwer, Merle Anders, Rebecca Schwartz, Alice Dunbar, Lazslo Samu, Povilas Juska, Maite Allo Hernandez, Lucas Delmas, Hannah Reger, Sofia Lewis, Lizzie Reynolds, Brian Mcphee, Pauline Molleney, Margarethe Hoberg, Julia Schmall, Miriam Degmayer, Mark Bussert, Christina Junker,  and Christian Selle.

 And our all important link to photos: