Monthly News

May, 2017

We have had good rains through May with the start of the rainy season coming in well this year.  Everything is lush and green, and unfortunately, out in the barrios, lots of mud too.   There has been tremendous progress in the past years in finishing roads, and lately even sidewalks which is great.  In the barrio of Nueva Esperanza we have been able to finish quite a few laneways which helps some of the children there to get to school without wrecking their shoes, or slipping and falling in the mud.  We hope to do some more of this in the later part of this year.

Our two new learning centers, in Pancasan and Sabaneta, are almost completed now.  Both projects went over their basic building allocation which was $22000 each, paid for by Builders Beyond Borders who then added an extra $2000 for each center.  The ceilings, insulation and fans have been paid for by Een Aarde and Nica Friends in both centers, and Een Aarde has contributed for the furnishing for one of the centers too.  So we are close to having all the funding and they will both be ready to open in July, may just need a little finishing such as painting the walls etc. later in the summer as we receive funds to do so.

Thanks to the grant we received from the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation we were able to purchase 38 notebook computers and 40 tablet computers so we will have enough for both of the new centers.

This is an enormous undertaking, we had to purchase the land first as well as the funding for building, and a very exciting step forward for La Esperanza Granada.  So much appreciate all of those who have helped.

Mothers day was the big event here in May, celebrated on the 30th schools were closed for the day, and all had special Mother’s day fiestas on the previous day attended by all the mothers in the community.

Sofia Lewis one of our volunteers raised $715 which we will use for resources for the learning centers, and we had three people visiting our donation store this month too.  Catherine Teller spent $51, Elizabeth McCauley for Katrina Fralick spent $55 and Jennifer Hurn from Australia spent $38.  Other volunteers too brought school supplies and toys for the children,  Leana Jacobs came with three large bags, Emma Ruskin arrived with lots (see in the photos) and Fenja Nolting brought colored pencils and balls.

Volunteers who are here with us now are Lizzie Reynolds, Jesus Unzueta, Paola Cossyleon, Karla Carreon, Adrianna Unzueta, Emma Ruskin, Aziz Yakub, Ansanna Maharajh, Dylan King, Rosa Van Rysinger, Daniel Larson, Madeleine Buchmar,  Jonathan Taylor,  Hannah Davies, Heather Fagan, Camille Guiraud, Lucas Matelich, Alexis Brodeur, Fenja Nolting, Tjorven Rohwer, Lazslo Samu, Lucas Delmas, Hannah Reger, Pauline Molleney, Margarethe Hoberg, Julia Schmall,  Miriam Degmayr, Mark Bussert and Christina Junker.

And lastly here is a link to some great pictures – hover over each photo to see the captions: