University Scholarship with Internship (Ayudante Program)

The word ayudante means assistant.  This is the name we give to the young people receiving a university scholarship through La Esperanza Granada.  They are wonderful ‘assistants’.

We started our Ayudante program at the beginning of 2008. To qualify for this program, which pairs a university scholarship with long term volunteer work, young Nicaraguans must have completed their high school education and be prepared to give 6 hours of their time each day to helping in the schools.

They are also young people who live in the same poor barrios where we work, and who have overcome the hardships of poverty and managed to aim higher.

Their scholarship is a double boost for the future of the children. It not only provides higher education, but sets a role model for the young children in the schools and gives them hope as to what they may achieve. Ayudantes have to be punctual, positive, and responsible.  They are expected to achieve good results in their chosen university courses and contribute their time and skills to helping younger children.

Most of the time, the ‘Ayudantes’ are working alongside our volunteers. Their role in the organization is vital as they are the link between volunteers and the teachers, the children, and the communities. Their local knowledge and experience give valuable support to new volunteers.

Sponsors will receive copies of their university reports and regular communication from their student.   Your contribution of $1360 per year pays both their university fees and  a monthly stipend to help cover their living costs.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete our application form or, if you have any questions, write us an email at this address: [email protected].

Ayudantes Program