Volunteer Experiences

When volunteers have finished with their time here, we ask that they complete an exit form assessment. Two of the questions we ask are “what was your best experience?” and “what was your worst experience?” Below are some recent responses from past volunteers. Hopefully these real-life experiences will help you understand the ups and downs of volunteer life and of working in an impoverished country.

  • Best experience: Seeing the kids I worked with starting to read and the fact that they started telling me private issues.
  • Best experience: Contacto con los niños y ver su progreso en algunos casos [Contact with the children and to see their progress in some cases]
  • Best experience: Tener la oportunidad de enseñar a los niños las cosas basicas: (A,E,I,O U, Los Colores….). [To have the opportunity to teach the children basic things (vowels, colors, etc).]
  • Worst experience: No tengo malas experiencias. [No bad experiences].
  • Best experience: Helping the kids grasp a new concept or area of knowledge and actually seeing them doing and applying it.
  • Worst experience: The confusion of what to do and how to handle the kids at first. There was no one to help you out except the other volunteers.
  • Best experience: Ayudar a unos pocos chicos a sumar. [Helping some of the little kids to add.]
  • Best experience: Para mi, era las clases de arte en general, porque experimentía que los niños disfrutaron mucho las clases, y porque me gusta tener la responsabilidad de la clase y enseñarla. Tambien tenías un experiencia excepcional en el centro, porque de trabajar tan cerca con un proprio clase pequeña, ayudante y voluntarios y trabajar juntos y hacer que las cosas funcionen. [For me, it was the art classes in general because I could experience the kids enjoying the classes, and because I like to have the responsibility of giving and teaching a small class. Also, you have an exceptional experience in the center, because you work so closely with your own students, ayudante, and volunteers and work together to make things work.]
  • Worst experience: None
  • Best experience: Seeing the progress in the reading & writing skills of some of the children.  Raising donation money and thriving the identification and purchase of useful investments (i.e. seeing that little donation money is effectively used to make a big difference).  Kids saying “gracias” after work (i.e. feeling useful
  • Best experience: Pretty hard to pinpoint. In general, I’d say working with the kids and actually seeing that moment where they get it. Or seeing the kids get excited about a topic, like space, geography, music or even sports.
  • Worst experience: The fact that once I became truly comfortable in the centers, I have to leave.
  • Best experience: Working with the children. I love kids and it’s been really rewarding seeing their progress. It seemed like most of them really wanted to learn.
  • Worst experience: Didn’t have any bad experiences.

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