What Things Cost

Most things in Nicaragua cost less than you may expect. Exceptions to this are computers, vehicles, and fuel which cost more than in many developed countries.

$1 Two dozen pencils
$1.50 5 pairs of children’s scissors
$2 4 Exercise books for primary school
$2.50 Text book for maths, science, geography etc. (most grades have only a few books that children need to all share)
$3 New desk top or seat to repair desks
$4 Block of 200 sheets colored paper for craft projects
$5 10 White board markers for teachers to use
$8 Exam papers for end of term, math, Spanish, social studies etc. copies for a class of 40
$10 24 packs of 24 crayons – enough for a whole class
$17 Kindergarten chair
$24 Uniform, shoes, socks, and backpack for those children not able to attend school due to extreme poverty.
$25 School Desk
$25 Dental treatment for a child (average covering several visits)
$44 One week’s wages for a teacher
$50 Classroom size white board
$170 Netbook computer for individual tutoring of children
$260 Basketball hoop and stand for shooting practice/play
$800 Playground equipment (swing sets with 8 swings)
$10,000 A new school classroom including desks and white boards